My philosophy

Trained both in the UK & USA, having accumulated over 3000 hrs of clinical experience, I bring a wide understanding of the human condition. My work has involved collaborating with youth first time offenders, the LGBTQIA community, high school youth, adults encountering various challenges and worked with parents & families to improve the functioning and well being of the family unit.

My perspective on therapy.

What leads people to seek out therapy? What is it about the act of sharing our shadows with another person that can be so therapeutic.
Having a space where we can gentle uncover the corners of our mind that cause us so much pain, completely supported by non judgmental and empathic ear.
Having an oppurtunity to voice words we dare not share with those around us for fear of being labelled, misunderstood or shamed.

Therapy can be a place where you can finally shed light on aspects of your experience that are troubling, confusing, depressing, conflicted and that ultimately lead to undue stress.

Troubles in relationships, experiences of loss or trauma, dissatisfaction at school/work, feeling at odds with yourself, unable to eat, sleep, relax, or enjoy all that life can offer.

As a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor who has engaged in personal therapy myself, I truly believe it is a unique oppurtunity to develope greater understanding of oneself and the world around us. Work through troubled times to gain a better footing that can help us move forward in healthier ways.
A place where skills can be learned and tools acquired to manage our lives more effectively.

I love my job. It’s not just a job though, but a desire to offer hope for a better tomorrow. A fundamental belief that emotional health is paramount to our wellbeing.

To be able to journey alongside another human as they work through their challenges, sharing a deep understanding of the complexity of our existence…this is a gift and one I do not take lightly.

It is a brave act to face what causes us pain, but by doing so can lead to a sense of freedom that we all deserve.

As a mother myself, I understand the role of a parent and all that it entails. My life experience has supported my training, allowing me to provide trustworthiness, genuine empathy, academic knowledge as well as life experience to better serve my clients.

In these challenge times we need to make our well being an essential focus. The unfortunately overstretched NHS is failing to reach those who are desperate, those who are in need of help and who wish for solutions. This is where psychotherapists can bridge that devastating gap.

I wrote an article regarding the challenges around seeking help, namely stigma & shame. See below:


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