My philosophy

Trained both in the UK & USA, having accumulated over 3000 hrs of clinical experience, I bring a wide understanding of the human condition. My work has involved collaborating with youth first time offenders, the LGBTQIA community, high school youth, adults encountering various challenges and worked with parents & families to improve the functioning and well being of the family unit.

As a mother myself, I understand the role of a parent and all that it entails. My life experience has supported my training, allowing me to provide trustworthiness, genuine empathy, academic knowledge as well as life experience to better serve my clients.

I personally very much believe in the necessity to de-stigmatise mental health issues and feel passionately about encouaging others to also work towards this goal. Stigma is an unnecessary barrier getting between the help you need to end your suffering.

In these challenge times we need to make our mental health an essential focus in our overall wellbeing. The unfortunately overstretched NHS is failing to reach those who are desperate, who are in need of help and who wish for solutions. This is where psychotherapists can bridge that devastating gap.

As a psychotherapist, I wish to provide support and hope at a time when you are feeling troubled by your life & environment, whatever it is that troubles you.

I have a great deal of understanding for our youth who find themselves navigating a world that is highly stressed and not meeting their needs as it should.

Lastly, it is central to me as a therapist to practice authenticity in my professional and personal life, respectively and respect and honor my clients perspective and process because of this.

You can find me on:

The BACP website & Counselling Directory website.